Hooray Venture (Thailand) Co.,Ltd is the ‘HOORAY’ brand owner. HOORAY is one of the leading manufacturers and distributor of high-quality, computerized embroidery machines for household and industry. Designed & innovated in Singapore, our brand has been one of the leaders in the AEC and Global Market.


From the concept ‘The Revolution for Embroidery Perfection’ to build the ‘HOORAY’ brand in Singapore, one of the countries in the world is recognized for its ability to create, research and development of advance technology. The ‘HOORAY’ brand was invented to solve the problem of embroidery work to embark on a perfect embroidery. The HOORAY embroidery machine is an advanced technological innovation was developed by the engineering of Singapore and advanced technology of Japan. We have the manufactory based in Luzhi, Suzhou district, and we were expanding its production base in Ju Jia. In addition, we set the head office in Thailand to support the growth of the market and to be a key player in opening the AEC and Global Market.


HOORAY believes “The perfection must was interweaved advanced technology, sustainability and satisfaction to become one.” The perfection is not only the beautiful embroidery work, but includes the maximum satisfaction of customers and the sustainability of customer’s business inside. We think the customers as same as our family, who are the important persons that we want to share the best things and the valuable feeling to their mind.


• To serve the best service, the best quality and the best efficiency for the maximum customer satisfaction.

• To develop technology of the embroidery machine to support all customer needs.

• To build the brand royalty and engage customer with heart.

• To keep and cherish the relationship with customer to be a long life business partner.

• To run continuous growth to generate revenue that is suitable for all parties.


Our Mission and Vision are at the core of everything we do, and every decision. HOORAY continues to evolve its technology to produce computerized embroidery machines by new system and model to every kind of embroidery work. The standard of all products to meet the needs of the market. In addition, HOORAY has established good relationships for the sustainability of the international business to success together.


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