All that we do – we do for our customers.

Here at our Bordeaux-Cestas campus, the beating heart of Lectra’s global operations, we welcome our fashion and apparel, furniture and automotive customers from all over the world. We take them on a journey – a journey to fully experience how Lectra’s value proposition supports them in their drive for competitiveness and operational excellence. Behind the doors of Lectra’s leading edge R&D center, our research and development teams constantly push innovation forward, in line with our Industry 4.0 strategic road-map. A few steps away, experts and consultants work hand-in-hand with our customers to identify and test the best solution to automate and optimize their product design, development, and manufacturing.Thought-leadership events take place in the auditorium through the year, providing fresh opportunities to network and share experiences among industry peers. Our industrial operations are also carried out on the campus, in our lean, quality-focused manufacturing facility and logistics platform. Last but not least, our campus is also home to Lectra’s main call center, where our experts intervene in real time to resolve queries and provide 24/7 support to our global customers.

Time spent on Lectra’s campus is also sprinkled with informal moments to meet and chat with Lectra’s experts… And to be inspired.