Godfrey Syrett powers fast innovation with Lectra Lectra's expertise and technology helps the designled manufacturer of healthcare, education and office furniture continue delivering functional, on-trend furniture while increasing speed to market and reducing operational costs.

The Challenge

Godfrey Syrett was looking to get products to market faster, achieve "right first time" quality and develop a continually evolving and innovative product range.The contract market has changed immensely since Godfrey Syrett's founding in 1947. Over the years, the popularity of steel frame, straightlined furniture in public spaces has given way to softer, more innovative and complex designs. Office furniture must be flexible in order to adapt to the nomadic nature of contemporary work environments. A rising number of companies are also ordering furniture equipped with charging docks and power sockets for reception areas. Customers are becoming more demanding not just in terms of style and function but also of delivery times. "Three or four years ago, we would have had six to eight weeks to deliver furniture to the customer. That has now been reduced to three or four. We even have products where we have to deliver within seven working days on receipt of an order," explains Michael Donachie, Operations Director.

Lectra's Response
Lectra proposed a digital transformation of Godfrey Syrett's supply chain, automating their pre-production and production processes with automated marker-making, pattern-making, spreading and cutting solutions

Lectra Solutions

  • BRIO.
  • DIAMINO Furniture
  • FORMARIS Furniture
  • VECTOR Furniture

Godfrey Syrett has achieved a 70% increase in capacity, fabric savings of £150,000 per year and the consistency and quality of cut pieces has improved significantly.

The company's manual manufacturing process was no longer suitable to its design, manufacturing and growth ambitions, creating capacity and quality challenges. In addition to continuing to produce practical yet innovative furniture solutions, Godfrey Syrett aspires to expand its market share in the private and student accommodations sectors. Growth in these sectors will help the company reach its target of becoming a £40 million business within the next five years.

The ideal transformation partner

Lectra approached the Godfrey Syrett team to determine how it could help them on their transformation journey. "Lectra took the time to fully understand our needs right from the outset of the relationship. Whereas we were primarily focused on improving capacity, Lectra demonstrated that they could help us improve capacity, efficiency, quality and bring product to the marketplace with a much quicker process," says Michael. Godfrey Syrett's visit to Lectra's Bordeaux campus, which coincided with Lectra's annual furniture seminar, presented the double opportunity to gain an overall vision of Lectra's furniture offer and perform benchmarking tests to see how Lectra's technology and expertise could benefit Godfrey Syrett specifically. "After our visit, it became very apparent, very quickly that this would be a partnership, not just a supply chain. That we could tap into Lectra's experience and innovation to improve our business," continues Michael.

Speedy implementation, fast results

With their new, digitized process-which, in addition to a Vector Furniture fabric cutter, includes Brio®, Lectra's automated spreader, as well as its automated pattern making and marker making solutions-Godfrey Syrett has improved manufacturing capacity by 70% compared to manual cutting. "Lectra helps us meet the strict deadlines. Our team of upholsterers used to cut the fabric manually; as a result the wastage was greater, and the time needed to cut the fabric was five to ten times as long as it is now with the Lectra machine," says David Hall, Group Sales and Marketing Director.

A more efficient process, including automated nesting, has also enabled the company to reduce fabric waste, resulting in a material savings of £150,000 per year. Minimizing waste matters to Godfrey Syrett not only for profitability reasons but also for environmental ones. "We've worked very hard as a business to reduce our impact on the environment. We've recently won two awards for our sustainable manufacturing. The Lectra machine boosts our sustainability efforts because it reduces the amount of waste by about 20-30%", continues David Hall.

"As the pressure to deliver on time increases, the Lectra fabric-cutting machine is critical to ensure that fabric is cut on time and efficiently." David Hall Group Sales and Marketing Director

A future-proof process

As customer demands for modularity, speed, and style continue driving the market, Godfrey Syrett's investment in Lectra's best-in-class technology is a valuable strategy to satisfy current market demands and future-proof the company for the inevitable changes to come. "The choice to invest in Lectra was not just for the immediate gains that would be delivered, but also for the future. Lectra will help us take our products to the next level," says Michael Donachie.

About Godfrey Syrett
Formed in 1947, Godfrey Syrett has been working in partnership with its clients for 70 years providing high quality, well designed and stylish furniture solutions throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. Satisfying our customers is about more than just making furniture though It's also about providing a complete and hassle-free service that takes the weight off their shoulders. That's why Godfrey Syrett offers a professional, end-to-end solution that utilises the full range of services it provides. The company is celebrating its 70 year anniversary in 2017.

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About Lectra

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