Introducing fashion’s first-ever end-to-end personalization solution



Fashion’s changing. Personalization is sweeping the industry. Consumers want styles as unique as they are, but the standard supply chain doesn’t measure up. It’s designed for mass production and doesn’t have the flexibility to meet increasing demand for personalization.

As an Industry 4.0 pioneer, our duty is to help businesses meet industry challenges by providing customers with the innovative solutions of tomorrow. That’s why we’ve developed a breakthrough, end-to-end solution enabling fashion and apparel companies to discover the true power of personalization.

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Fashion On Demand by Lectra is a game changer. Our turnkey solution automates on-demand production from order reception to defining personalization options, nesting and cutting. We work together to implement the solution and help you define the degree of personalization to offer according to your business needs.

With our solution, multiple individual orders are seamlessly integrated and processed for production. This means that delivery times can finally rival those of standard products.

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- A competitive edge by offering on-demand personalization

- Reduced time to market and the ability to produce personalized products at unrivalled speed

- Optimal efficiency thanks to streamlined production processes

- Full operational control and 360° visibility

- Consistent fit and sizing across all markets

- A greener fashion business wasting less and reducing the environmental footprint of clothing